is an online educational hub which is creating a difference from others. The group has a vast experience of more than 20 years in the field of entrance exam coaching.

In today's competitive world of entrance examinations, online plays an important role. Students need to prepare themselves by practicing online practice series.
After having vast experience in the off-line entrance exam coaching, now the group has entered into the world of online education. We aim at e-test series for the students preparing for their entrance examination. This will make students familiar with the examination patterns and make them confident enough to appear the entrance examination without any stress.

It has reputation of producing All India Rankers in IIT like :-

1 Mayank Bawa (All India 4th position in IIT in 1995)
2 Vivek Tandon (All India 23rd position in IIT in 1995)
3 Sharad Santhanam (All India 92nd position in IIT in 1995)
4 Abhinay Kumar (All India 123rd position in IIT in 1995)
5 Gaurav Bhalotia (All India 56th position in IIT in 1997)
6 Nilesh Dalvi (All India 54th position in IIT in 1997)
7 Vivek Sharma (All India 101st position in IIT in 1997)
8 S.K Das (All India 147th position in IIT in 1998)
9 Subrat Kumar Panda (All India 292nd position in IIT in 1998)
10 Abhineet Sawa (All India 6th position in IIT in 2000)
11 Anuj Vivek (All India 454th position in IIT in 2001)


Toppers of NIT (previously named as REC) :-

1 Vivek Tandon (1st position in NIT, 1995)
2 Gourav Bhalotia (1st position in NIT, 1997)
3 S.K.Das (2nd position in NIT, 1998)
4 Abhineet Sawa (1st position in NIT, 2000)
5 Anuj Vivek (1st position in NIT, 2001)